Supplementary Terms Venture Capital

1.0.0106; Issue February 2022

  1. Subject

  2. These Supplementary Terms (“Terms”, “ST“) govern the business relationship between Weiss Group LLC (SARL) (“Weiss Group”) and the clients of the Venture Capital division, subject to any other special agreements.
  3. These Terms supplement the General Terms and Conditions (“GTC“) and the Supplementary Terms and Conditions (“STC“) Financial Services of Weiss Group or take precedence in case of contradictory provisions. The GTC and the STC form an integral part of these Terms.
  4. Client segmentation

  5. Weiss Group provides services, including but not limited to brokering venture capital transactions, where applicable, exclusively to clients that qualify as professional clients under applicable regulatory requirements in Switzerland.
  6. Collaboration and duties to cooperate

  7. The capital seeking entity ("Client") understands and accepts that the private placement (“Placement“) of debt or equity securities may be jeopardized by insufficient cooperation.
  8. The client is obligated to provide all relevant information that Weiss Group reasonably deems necessary or advisable to enable Weiss Group to perform its services within the scope of the assignment.

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