Our essence — expressed in colors and shapes

Clean lines, shapes and patterns with deliberate accents characterise our visual identity and express our character, our values and our ambitions.

Every visible and invisible element, analogue or digital, exists because it has to exist. It fulfils a specific task and its parameters such as position, size, color and shape are defined and consistent.

The visual entities of our firm

Our logos are the most prominent elements of our visual identity and combine all of our design principles. They are straightforward and convey a clear message: simple, discreet, effective.


Our primary logo consists of our lettering. This logo is used in vertical orientation whenever possible.


Our secondary logo shows our symbol and is only used if the lettering is illegible or does not match the design.

Business cards

We attach great importance to haptics and consider our business cards as the essence of our visual identity.

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Let's talk

If you would like to discuss a project or a partnership with us, or if you are curious to know more about how we can help you, we look forward to hearing from you.

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