Fundamental beliefs based on Swiss values

Our fundamental beliefs are reflected in our code of conduct

We all share and carry these values beyond the boundaries of our company. For us, it is not important whether doing business this way has a positive impact on our figures or reputation, what matters is that we are always able to bear the consequences of our actions.

Our purpose is to help our clients develop their innovative ideas, to launch their product, to enter into new markets or business areas, and to create favourable conditions for personal and business success.

Our core values


Business success is subordinated to consistent and uncompromising observance to profound moral and ethical values.


We strive to act in a responsible way, so that we are able to bear the consequences of our actions toward our clients, the environment, and future generations.


We are loyal to our clients, straightforward and objective, admit mistakes and learn from them, and we compete in the market by fair means.


Information and ideas our clients share with us are nobody's business and are handled in a confidential manner.

Our guiding principles


Our values and principles make up our ethical framework. They are non-negotiable and form the foundation for conduct towards employees, clients and society.

  • We will only accept projects that are legal and ethically tenable.
  • We foster open communication and we are honest, reliable and confidential.
  • We act in an entrepreneurial and customer-oriented manner.
  • We believe in solid education, but champion talent and ambition.
  • We provide possible solutions when we address a problem.
  • We are open for suggestions and criticism and strive for improvements.
  • We aim to set a good example to others in our industry.

Let's talk

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