Supporting businesses to achieve their financial objectives

For small companies, we can take over entire support functions; for larger customers, we contribute to an existing team.

Companies must meet the challenges of financial management and take the necessary precautions in areas such as social security, risk transfer and succession. We advise you independently and take on tasks that are not part of your core competencies. This frees up important resources and enables you to use them profitably.

Our main services for businesses

Our experts provide comprehensive advice, a broad range of financial solutions and execute strategies on behalf of our clients, primarily domiciled in Switzerland. These strategies take into consideration related subjects, such as asset and liability management, budget, investments, and taxes.



Mitigating financial losses by hedging against relevant risks

Companies are exposed to a large number of insurance risks. Although the uncertainty of a threat cannot be eliminated, financial losses can be mitigated or covered. In order to align your insurance coverage with your business activity, our advisors perform a detailed insurance risk assessment aimed to identify risks to which your company is exposed to. This is the basis we need to quantify the financial impact of events such as damage, injury, and accident.

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