A single point of contant for all financial matters

Not everyone needs all the services that come with private wealth management, but everyone deserves the high-quality advice associated with it.

Our experts provide comprehensive advice, a broad range of financial solutions and execute strategies on behalf of our clients, primarily domiciled in Switzerland. These strategies take into consideration related subjects, such as savings, budget, investments, and taxes.

Our main services for individuals

We offer all our clients comprehensive, personalized financial services and products. Wherever necessary, we bring in our partners to ensure the very highest quality.




Insurance can be that simple

We understand that there are nicer things than dealing with insurance companies - that's why we offer to do it for you.

Do you have a question about your insurance policy or have you bought a car and need proof of insurance quickly? Do you need to report a claim or are you abroad and need help? Our service includes risk analysis, individual advice and insurance management. Whatever the matter, we are your point of contact.

Cost-benefit optimization

We make sure you pay the lowest cost for your benefits, or get a better deal for the same cost. To achieve this, we continuously monitor the product offerings and negotiate the best prices for you with the insurance companies.

Needs-oriented market screening

If you need a new insurance policy or want to replace an existing one, you will have to deal with a huge range of products that are difficult to compare. We shortcut this tedious task by obtaining offers for you that match your needs.

Multifactor based coverage

Do you know what risks you are exposed to, which ones you have already covered, or which ones you may not need to cover at all? We conduct a risk analysis, taking into account factors such as lifestyle, family and future plans.

Central point of contact

Across all of your insurance policies, you have numerous points of contact to report to in the event of a claim or other inquiry. With us, your personal advisor is your single point of contact for all insurance matters, including claims.

Independent, competent and responsive

We are not tied to any bank or insurance company and can therefore assist you completely independently.

We keep everything organized

For many, financial products are a dull affair and insurance is a necessary evil that they want to deal with as little as possible. Therefore, they may not know what their coverage and benefits look like. We assist you in keeping track of everything, and if you have any questions, your personal advisor is always within reach.

We have the bird's eye view

Bank advisors and insurance agents primarily know their own products and observe other offers from the perspective of their own organization. With continuous product training and continuing education, we ensure that we have a thorough knowledge of the entire industry to be able to provide our clients with competent advice.

Let's talk

If you would like to discuss a project or a partnership with us, or if you are curious to know more about how we can help you, we look forward to hearing from you.

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