Tap into our industry expertise for your next investment deal

Venture capital is a time-sensitive affair. That's why we leverage our global network in search of the best deals.

We grant our co-investors exclusive access to our curated startup portfolio, composed of high-profile companies that are sourced by our experienced team according to strict criteria. Co-investors can participate in these exclusive deals through our venture syndicate.

Leverage our capabilities

Our team has a wealth of experience in both the technical and interpersonal domains required to create value for all stakeholders in the venture capital business. Through our VC software, our co-investors get access to our deals, associated due diligence and the opportunity to invest alongside ourselves.

Business Valuation

Deal Sourcing

Finance Raising

Financial Due Diligence

Tax Valuation

Technical Due Diligence

A unique approach to venture capital

We support our co-investors at every stage of the complex venture capital cycle – in the selection of high quality investment opportunities, in the transaction of capital and equity shares, and in the management of the venture capital portfolio.

Pre due diligence

Active investors spend a substantial amount of time screening investment opportunities. We streamline this process with our curated startup portfolio, where we give investors access to companies that have passed our preliminary due diligence.

Holistic view

Many advisors lack the cross-disciplinary expertise to evaluate digital-first businesses. Our understanding of digital business models enables us to put financials in context, evaluate potential, and conduct a comprehensive economic feasibility analysis.


Entrepreneurs are busy driving their business forward and tend to neglect communicating with their investors. We actively support companies in our startup portfolio in their investor relations to ensure frequent, transparent and relevant reporting.

Portfolio management

Serial investors receive reporting from many sources that are difficult to compare with each other and often require manual cleanup. We provide investors with an overview of all relevant reports, KPIs and statistics in a standardized form.

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