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Swiss Label

A promise to our customers

The crossbow – since the legends of William Tell have been told, it has represented the Swiss brand throughout the world in the same way as the Swiss cross. We feel honoured that our products and services have been awarded this seal of quality. This honour also represents a duty to continue to meet the highest quality standards.

The Swiss Label stands for confidence-building values such as quality, certainty, reliability and solidity, and thus reflects our own values and principles. As a member of the label, Weiss Group guarantees that all services marked with the label are provided exclusively from Switzerland and satisfy the universally acknowledged Swiss and sector-specific quality standards. However, Weiss Group takes it one step further and promises to continuously strive to provide world-class services in its respective business areas.

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Swiss Made Software

A label for representatives of swiss engineering

The "swiss made software" label is dedicated to promoting the Swiss software industry and is a symbol of Swiss quality in software development.

As member of the label, Weiss Group guarantees that the proportion of production costs incurred in Switzerland of all products and services marked with the label is at least 60%, that the most significant part of the manufacturing process takes place in Switzerland and that the relevant services are provided exclusively from Switzerland.

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Certified insurance competence

Cicero is the Swiss seal of quality for insurance consulting. This certification system ensures that the necessary high level of professional competence of the consultants is guaranteed through continuous training.

Weiss Group is committed to talent. However, we also believe in the continuous advancement of our employees' skills and in lifelong learning. Cicero ensures that consultants regularly undergo further training. Therefore, in addition to their professional training, our insurance advisers are registered with Cicero or are on their way to completing their certification.

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