Providing comprehensive advice on financial matters.

Our experts provide comprehensive advice, a broad range of financial solutions and execute strategies on behalf of our clients, primarily domiciled in Switzerland. These strategies take into consideration related subjects, such as savings, budget, investments, and taxes.

Our services inlcude

Financial Planning

For everyone serious about achieving his or her financial goals, a clear strategy is the first basic prerequisite — and pursuing your strategy with consistency is essential for success.

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Insurance Planning

Each household spends an average of several thousand francs a year on insurance. The range of products on the Swiss market is hardly manageable for clients, and the comparison of services without specific expertise is not possible. We take this time-consuming task off of you and provide you with independent and neutral advice.

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Wealth Planning

Wealth planning is based on solid financial planning and serves to align personal finances with your goals in the long term. We help you build and structure your assets by developing a tailor-made strategy that suits your needs and exactly matches your investor profile and your individual possibilities.

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Retirement Planning

With the current form of the pension system in Switzerland, the statutory and occupational pension will not be sufficient for many to be able to maintain the usual standard of living in old age. That is why it is crucial to lay the essential foundations for your retirement early on.

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Inheritance Planning

Good preparation during your lifetime creates clear conditions — for you and your family. Our inheritance planning is centred on protecting your assets, your wishes and your right to self-determination in case of mental incapacity and death.

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Tax Planning

Tax revenues enable the state and public communities to fulfil the tasks entrusted to them. But to ensure that you only pay what you have to pay, our specialists actively assist you with comprehensive tax advice.

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Advance Directive

Nobody likes to think about illnesses, accidents or even death. Nevertheless, it is important to make all arrangements in good time, as long as you are healthy and capable of judgment.

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Patient Decree

A patient decree states your position on artificial prolongation of life and organ donation, and will help your relatives and doctors make difficult decisions in the event of a serious illness or an accident.

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