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Tap into our industry expertise for your next investment deal

We grant our investors exclusive access to our curated startup portfolio. This is composed of attractive companies that have a digital business model and are evaluated by our experienced and agile team according to strict criteria. The purpose-built delivery methodology ensures a high-quality selection of investment opportunities.



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Venture capital

Connecting you with the leading companies of tomorrow

We help investors build attractive stakes in exclusive companies by continuously scouring the startup landscape and putting the most promising candidates through their paces.

Why us

A modern VC ecosystem

We support investors at every stage of the complex venture capital cycle – in the selection of high quality investment opportunities, in the transaction of capital and equity shares, and in the management of the venture capital portfolio.

We perform due diligence for you

Active investors spend a substantial amount of time screening investment opportunities. We streamline this process with our curated startup portfolio, where we give investors access to companies that have passed our rigorous due diligence.

We take a holistic view

Many advisors lack the cross-disciplinary expertise to evaluate digital-first businesses. Our understanding of digital business models enables us to put financials in context, evaluate potential, and conduct a comprehensive economic feasibility analysis.

We ensure reporting

Entrepreneurs are busy driving their business forward and tend to neglect communicating with their investors. We actively support companies in our startup portfolio in their investor relations to ensure frequent, transparent and relevant reporting.

We simplify portfolio management

Serial investors receive reporting from many sources that are difficult to compare with each other and often require manual cleanup. We provide investors with an overview of all relevant reports, KPIs and statistics in a standardized form.

Our software

Your portable control center

To accelerate our analysts' activities, we have digitized all processes. Building on this, we have created a purpose built application that allows our investors to review investment opportunities and manage their venture capital portfolios in a standardized way. In addition, new functions are integrated into the software after consultation with investors to guarantee practicality and maximize benefits.

Join us

We are looking forward to you

As with our startup clients, we are committed to quality when it comes to our investors. We are always looking for visionary investors who share our philosophy. If you are interested in joining our investor network, please request an appointment. We will get in touch with you.

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  • Individual investors 1
Tier II
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  • Active individual investors 1
  • Family offices
Tier III
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  • Family offices
  • Venture capital funds

1 Weiss Group may render venture capital services exclusively to clients who are considered professional clients according to the applicable regulatory requirements in Switzerland. High-net-worth retail clients and private investment structures created for them may declare that they wish to be treated as professional clients. Read more here: Client segmentation.

Are you an entrepreneur?


Are you an entrepreneur and looking for capital to take the next step? If you have an exceptional idea and your venture is based on a digital business model, we can help you overcome your challenges in financing your business and achieving sustainable growth.