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Developing strategies for every type of investor

For most people, investing is a long-term affair. It is therefore crucial that you pursue a strategy that matches your profile and financial capabilities, with a partner who knows and fully understands your goals. Our experts compile a comprehensive investment profile, advise you in various asset classes and offer you access to a high-quality product portfolio.

A curated selection


We always strive to offer our clients the best possible service. This also includes giving our clients access to high-quality products. For this reason, we work together with leading banks, insurers and other companies whose offerings meet our strict requirements. Ask your advisor about suitable products.

Exclusive food

Balsamico that matures in the Swiss Alps into a world-class product

Genuine balsamic vinegar is a noble and rare natural product that is in demand worldwide. Only Swiss apples are used to make the Pure Swiss Balsamico. During maturing in 30 liter oak barrels, the balsamic vinegar becomes viscous and develops a diverse and intense taste.

Pure Swiss Balsamico

Venture capital

Connecting you with the leading companies of tomorrow

We help investors build attractive stakes in exclusive companies by continuously scouring the startup landscape and putting the most promising candidates through their paces.

Venture capital