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Reduce costs without foregoing insurance benefits

Health insurance is compulsory in Switzerland. This means that all persons living or working in Switzerland have access to high-quality and comprehensive basic medical care in the event of illness, accident or maternity.

As long as there are no health impairments, the insurance coverage can be tailored to your needs. Make the right decisions as long as this is possible without restrictions.

The best services at the best price

In addition to the compulsory health insurance, further benefits can be voluntarily covered by supplementary insurance policies from health insurance companies. However, premiums have risen sharply in recent years due to changes in socio-demographic characteristics and medical and technical progress. According to a survey conducted by the Swiss consumer magazine K-Tipp, a large proportion of customers criticise the value for money, although around two thirds of those insured are satisfied with the service. Our experts help you to reduce costs without foregoing insurance benefits.

Our advisory topics

We advise and support our clients on the following topics, among others:

  • Needs analysis
  • Risk analysis
  • Prenatal registration
  • Advice when changing the health insurance provider
  • Advice when moving to Switzerland
  • Determining the franchise
  • Evaluation of alternative models
  • Comparison of supplementary insurances
  • Review of the financial reserves of the providers
  • Access to health insurance products