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Ensuring long-term affordability of your real estate

In the framework of the affordability calculation, the costs should not make up more than one-third of your gross income, including your partner's salary. Additionally, your own funds — which can be made up of hard cash (at least 10%), capital from life insurance, pension fund money, and investments — should amount to at least 20% of the purchase price.


The following calculation is based on an interest rate of 5% and aims to ensure the long-term affordability of your real estate. The results generated by the affordability calculator are based on the information provided by you, as well as on assumptions and approximate values, and does not provide information about the actual costs of your mortgage. Please contact us if you have questions or you would like an offer.

Price must be higher than zero
The income criteria is met
Total costs exceed one-third of your gross income
The equity criteria is met
You must invest at least 20% of your own funds
Mortgage CHF 0
Amount to be amortized CHF 0
Loan-to-value 0%
Cost-to-income 0%
Details of monthly cost calculation
Mortgage interest CHF 0
Amortization CHF 0
Maintenance and ancillary costs CHF 0
Total costs CHF 0

Our advisory topics

We advise and support our clients on the following topics, among others:

  • Financial means assessment
  • Help on choosing the right mortgage solution
  • Ensuring long-term affordability
  • Advice on amortization strategies
  • Advice on tax optimization
  • Access to mortgage products