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A reliable business partner with experience and versatile competences

Are you an entrepreneur and looking for capital to take the next step? If you have an exceptional idea and your venture is based on a digital business model, we can help you overcome your challenges in financing your business and achieving sustainable growth.



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Venture capital

Attracting capital to help shape future economies

We assist innovative companies in raising capital for market entry and growth, so that they can successfully realize their mission. Our advisory services primarily concern Series A, B and C financing.

Why us

We are in it for the long haul

We are interested in a long-term cooperation and in the success of our customers. And because we join the companies at an early stage, we can build on the work done and efficiently incorporate feedback in future financing rounds.

We provide effective tools and services

Entrepreneurs often have to complete many tasks at once and lose focus. Our capital procurement process includes all the tools and services necessary to get the right people back to doing the right things.

We make the business model tangible

In many cases, entrepreneurs lack the ability to convey their idea convincingly. We help to adjust the right parameters to make the business model tangible for investors.

We truly understand your business

Our team consists of highly committed financial and technology experts. Thanks to our interdisciplinary capabilities, we are uniquely positioned to quickly grasp and evaluate your idea.

We offer more than just capital

We want to understand the entrepreneurs, their business, their goals and their culture. This is how we ensure that we find suitable investors who can use their resources to drive the venture forward.

Our software

A tool to facilitate success

Our in-house developed software presents all relevant data and activities in an easy-to-understand way and streamlines capital procurement. Additionally, it ensures transparency for all parties involved and supports entrepreneurs in their investor relations after an investment.

Our approach

We are actively looking for your business

Pre-screening Pre-evaluation Assessment Profiling Financing Contacting Invitation Acceptance Intermediation

Our venture team is constantly screening the start-up landscape for promising opportunities that potentially fit into our portfolio. If we believe that your company meets our criteria, we will contact you.


Should you be interested in working with us, our experts will pre-evaluate your documents before we invite you to visit us. At this appointment, we will provide you with feedback on your documents and clarify ambiguities regarding your business model.


If your business passes our final assessment based on qualitative and quantitative factors, you will be accepted into our venture capital program. By working closely with you, we can ensure that we fully understand your vision.


Our experts will prepare an individual investment portrait that will be presented to our investors who meet your criteria. This investor portrait makes your company comparable and increases the chance that financing can be obtained.


As soon as an investor expresses genuine interest, the entrepreneur is notified and then talks are initiated. We accompany the entire intermediation process, including negotiations and the transaction.

Post-financing support

After the successful transaction, we will help you maintain good relations with the new investors by providing you with a tool. In addition, we are ready to prepare you for the next, usually larger financing round.

Are you an investor?


We grant our investors exclusive access to our curated startup portfolio. This is composed of attractive companies that have a digital business model and are evaluated by our experienced and agile team according to strict criteria. The purpose-built delivery methodology ensures a high-quality selection of investment opportunities.