Providing comprehensive advice on financial matters.

Our experts provide comprehensive advice, a broad range of financial solutions and execute strategies on behalf of our clients, primarily domiciled in Switzerland. These strategies take into consideration related subjects, such as savings, budget, investments, and taxes.

Our services inlcude


The spread of the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) has hit large parts of the economy hard in Switzerland and abroad. According to the economists at the KOF Swiss Economic Institute at ETH Zurich and federal experts, the corona pandemic will lead to a recession.

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Insurance Planning

In order to align your insurance coverage with your business activity, our advisors perform a detailed insurance risk assessment aimed to identify risks to which your company is exposed to.

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Social Insurance

The employer plays a key role in the Swiss three-pillar system. The benefits from the occupational pension plan are intended to cover the cost of living in old age and in the event of disability.

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