weiss group

An advisory approach that is designed to meet the highest quality standards

All advisory services take place according to a precise scheme that ensures the quality of service in the long term. All work processes are documented transparently. Your consultant meets with you at least twice before a solution is implemented. A maximum number of meetings is not fixed and depends on your needs and the complexity of the matter.

How we work

Our advisory procedure


with client

  • Analysis of needs
  • Analysis of the current situation
  • The initial consultation focuses on the needs analysis and the analysis of the current situation.

Data preparation

  • Compiling the requirement profile
  • Obtaining missing documents
  • Following the analysis, your expert creates an individual requirement profile on the basis of the collected soft and hard facts. In addition, missing documents and further information will be obtained from relevant third parties. These documents serve as a basis for the strategy.

Strategy development

  • Drawing-up a goal-oriented strategy
  • Obtaining and assessing solutions
  • Taking your concerns and needs into strict consideration, our experts will develop a tailor-made, goal-oriented strategy for you. For this purpose, solutions from third parties will be evaluated according to quantitative and qualitative criteria in a completely independent and transparent selection process.

Strategy consulting

with client

  • Discussion of possible solutions
  • Determination of the strategy
  • In the strategy meeting, the results from the previous steps are presented to you. During this meeting, the various solutions are discussed on the basis of the documents that have been prepared. If it is necessary to adjust the current solution, an expert from a shortlisted solution provider may participate in a follow-up meeting if desired.

Strategy implementation

with client

  • Handling of administrative tasks
  • Execution of orders
  • You now have a strategy and an action plan that are fully aligned with your goals. If you wish, you can implement this strategy with your consultant. Afterwards, we are always available to guide you and adapt your strategy to changing needs as necessary.

Strategy monitoring

  • Market and legal changes
  • Change in needs and objectives
  • The defined strategy is subject to constant change. External factors such as laws and regulations are constantly monitored by us. Together with your information about important changes in your company, we have a basis on which to ensure that the strategy remains aligned with your goals over time.

Strategy adjustments

with client

  • Discussion of important adjustments
  • Alignment of the strategy with changes
  • It is recommended that current solutions are regularly examined with your advisor in a status review.If necessary, the strategy will be adapted to the changes.