A launch pad for ideas

Built to develop powerful web applications fast and cost effectively.

Bluprint draws on Weiss Groups' extensive experience in the conceptual design, development and implementation of web-based software projects. Clients deploying Bluprint have significantly increased the efficiency and effectiveness of their digital offerings.

Get up and running quickly

Bluprint is a web application solution that helps clients get their project done quickly, in a high-quality, customized and cost-effective manner.


The most important elements and functions as well as the foundation for custom modules and interfaces for third-party software are available. This enables a shorter time-to-market while reducing development costs.


We control every aspect of Bluprint, giving us the ability to enforce our standards for quality and coding best practices at every level. As a result, web applications are based on secure and reliable source code.


Due to the modularity of the framework, web applications built with Bluprint are extremely customizable and scalable in terms of functionality and server infrastructure, making them ready for future growth.


In order to start developing the project immediately, we invested a lot of time in building a stable foundation for modern web applications. This saves our clients on average over 200 hours of development time.

Bluprint for startups

Test your core business concept, verify the market demand, secure funding.

Startups face the challenge of turning their idea into reality. If they are pursuing a digital business model, then they need a prototype or a minimum viable iteration of their product (MVP) to attract initial customers and raise capital from investors. Building on Bluprint, web applications can be realized quickly and cost-efficiently.

Assess viability

A monetization strategy can be deployed to test your users’ willingness to pay.

Validate demand

A core set of features is sufficient to validate the product concept with a target audience.

Secure funding

A physical product is an effective method to secure stakeholder or investor buy-in.

Launch faster

The minimal approach launches your product faster and spreads the cost of development.

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