weiss group

Elevating your business with rich web products

Whether you want to enhance your existing web offer with more functionality or need a new web application, our team of experts develops innovative solutions tailored to your needs.

Our development approach is simple: solid planning and clean programming combined with a UI that needs no explanation.

Cutting edge technology for your business

Web technologies have become so powerful that most of the tasks that used to require desktop software can now be done in an Internet browser. In many startups and even in established companies, the entire productive software infrastructure consists of web applications, and often the product itself is a web application. Our experts are equipped with all the necessary skills to build a web app that accomplishes your business goals.

Our advisory topics

We advise and support our clients on the following topics, among others:

  • Front-end/back-end development
  • Relational database design
  • Payment gateway implementation
  • E-Commerce integration
  • Enterprise application development
  • UI/UX design