weiss group

A metasearch engine that makes crypto currencies accessible to everyone

Project period: 2018-2019

Powerfox was planned as an app that should enable its users to buy crypto currencies easily and quickly at the best offer price. In order to win a wide audience and offer the best possible user experience, the typically crowded trader interface was deliberately omitted.

Our duties and responsibilities

  • Product strategy & roadmapping
  • Corporate design & digital branding
  • Mobile app concepting
  • Business logic & trading algorithm
  • Business plan

The main challenge

The Powerfox functionality is an integral part of the parent company's service offering. The customer's concept envisaged that users could buy and sell crypto currencies at the best price and exchange crypto currencies for fiat money. However, the crypto-exchange landscape in early 2019 posed major challenges in terms of the required liquidity and market arbitrage.

Our solution

We have devised a business logic that does not depend on inefficient financial markets that enable risk-free profits, thus creating a future-proof solution that adheres to the principle of no-arbitrage. In addition, we have developed an algorithm to predict the required liquidity for a cryptocurrency during a given time period, using a combination of historical data and dynamic and environmental parameters.