weiss group

Hiding complicated operations behind a pretty user interface

Project period: 2018-2019

Coinflash is a platform that makes it possible to trade crypto currencies easily and without prior knowledge. Trading signals are sent by experienced traders to the users of the app, who can reject or accept the signal.

Our duties and responsibilities

  • Digital branding
  • Website concepting & development
  • Web app concepting & development
  • Mobile app concepting & development (iOS & Android)
  • Internet bot development
  • Order book matching algorithm concept & development

The main challenge

To comply with the terms of use defined by crypto exchanges, a way had to be found to reliably obtain price information regardless of the number of users. This task was further complicated by the fact that providers do not disclose specific numerical information in their API documentation.

Our solution

Other companies before us could not solve this problem for the customer. Thanks to our banking expertise and in-depth programming knowledge, we were able to develop an order book matching algorithm in a very short time, which greatly reduces the number of price queries required.