weiss group

Harness the power of a high-performance interdisciplinary approach

We work at the intersection of finance and technology and are fully focused on helping our clients achieve their objectives. To achieve this, our experts are organized into three service-oriented business units whose capabilities can be leveraged in combination as needed.

Our business units

The building blocks of our firm

Our business units are harmoniously coordinated and enable us to create solutions for our clients with a truly interdisciplinary approach.

Digital Technologies

In an increasingly digital society, IT capabilities are a decisive competitive advantage for companies. Our specialized activities in research, software development and IT consulting focus on the interface between finance and technology, where we can use our skills and experience to benefit our clients.

Financial Services

We stand in the tradition of Swiss financial service providers and offer comprehensive advice on financial matters and a wide range of solutions for business and private clients. With our Digital First approach, we are in the exceptional position to continuously maximize the convenience for our clients.

Management Consulting

Our management consulting services are built on the extensive experience we have gained in our Digital Technologies and Financial Services business units. You as a client benefit by our capability to create practical solutions and implement them directly with our specialists.

Our capabilities

Based on technology, built to deliver

Each service can be used independently. In case of demanding challenges, our customers can rely on a fine-tuned mix of interdisciplinary solutions.

Application Design & Architecture

Application Development

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Database Design

Accounting & Taxes

Corporate Finance

Finance & Private Wealth


Venture Capital

Business Model Innovation

Digital & Data

Marketing & Sales

M&A and Transactions

Strategy and Corporate Finance

About us

We create value through our continuous pursuit for excellence

Weiss Group is a Swiss company that provides consulting, technology, financial, and professional services with a boutique approach. We have strong capabilities in offering tailor-made solutions and concentrate our activities on the intersection of finance and technology.

Our brand

We operate under a single brand name everywhere we do business. This is who we are, what we stand for, and what we believe in.

Our organization

We organize our activities in a divisional structure that makes it easier for our business units to adapt their operations to market conditions.

Our leadership

Weiss Group is a company managed by its founders. They bear the responsibility for steering our firm both strategically and operationally.

Our activities

We engage in various activities through our operating businesses, pursuing a mutual goal that ties it all together: turn ideas into reality. Whether these are our own, or those of our clients. Our one-stop-shop capabilities allow an interdisciplinary approach to tackle challenges from several sides. As a result, our clients can draw on a wealth of experience and benefit from efficient processes.

Our clients

We serve clients - private and corporate - who value a personal, collaborative relationship with us. Moreover, they appreciate our availability around the clock, because some matters do not care whether it is the weekend or the middle of the night. We can offer this agility because we are passionate about our work and we only accept projects that excite us.

Join our team

Work in a dynamic environment that encourages entrepreneurial thinking and acting


We are a Swiss professional service firm with a strong focus on the intersection of finance & technology. Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, we and our partners serve our customers worldwide.