Fund 1: Neuroenhancement

A $50M venture capital fund aimed at supporting the development of neuroenhancement technologies.

Recent research links extensive mobile phone use to declining mental health, including dopamine spikes affecting attention and cognition. Our analysis identified three major impacts:

Cognitive decline

We are more distracted than ever, resulting in attention spans lower than ever before.

Mental health crisis

According to Forbes, depression is reaching a new high of 29% of diagnosed adults.

Productivity loss

According to WHO estimates, mental illness caused more than $1 T in economic damage.

We are at an inflection point where disruptive digital solutions can greatly improve people's well-being on a larger scale than ever before.

Now 5-10 yrs 10+ yrs hyper growth and consolidation

Enabling technology

New technologies and brain research are reshaping our understanding of the brain's adaptability, fostering innovative digital solutions for broader well-being enhancements.

Economic trend

Mental health challenges may cost the global economy $16.3 trillion from 2011 to 2030, but digital solutions can reduce treatment costs and offer personalized care to most of the world's population.

Public awareness

Recent research and ongoing crises have brought global attention to increasing mental health challenges, sparking a growing demand for actions to safeguard well-being and cognitive abilities.

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